Conservative Spanish Talk Radio Debuts Tomorrow

History is being made tomorrow as KNZR begins broadcasting conservative news and talk in Spanish.

It has long been known that California is now more than 51% Hispanic, and many of those listeners use Spanish as their preferred or primary language. But until now, there has not been a broadcasting entity in the Golden State that caters to those listeners.

Yesterday, Alpha Media announced a major shift in its broadcast philosophy by moving to speak to those listeners, and bring them the conservative talk and news they sometimes struggle with in English.

For those who prefer English, you can still hear all of your favorite news, talk and traffic shows on KNZR 97.7 fm as well as on and I Heart and the Tune In App.

Alpha Media has partnered with Spanish Conservative radio Americano Media which will provide Spanish content 18 hours each weekday from 6:00 am to midnight featuring award winning conservative journalists Diana Alexandrino and Lourdes Ubieta who will cover the day’s political and critical news events, technology and breaking events.

-Tony Lee