16 Year Old Crashed Car, 5 Children Dead

Residents of a town in Connecticut are asking if the parents of a 16 year old should be charged in the deaths of five children who died in a firey crash of a car rented by the parents of a 16 year old who was also killed in the accident.

It happened in New York when 16 year old Malik Smith drove a Nissan SUV into boulder before it slammed into a tree. Inside the car were two sets of siblings and a 9 year old child who was found alive in the cargo area of the car after the crash.

Smith was driving the car without a driver’s license or a driver’s learning permit, and he also died in the crash. The vehicle had been rented by a relative, but police have not said if that relative was a parent or someone else. Part of the investigation centers around how the child came to be in possession of the car.

-Tony Lee