Husband Of Nancy Pelosi Home From Hospital

Finally, 6 days after being attacked in his own home  at 2:30 in the morning, Paul Pelosi is leaving the hospital, heading back to his San Francisco home.

Pelosi is the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who suffered arm, hand and head injuries when police say a crazed conspiracy theorist broke into the couple’s home beating Pelosi with a hammer on October 28th, and threatening to Break the Speaker’s knees with the same weapon.

Meanwhile that attacker, 42 year old David DePape remains jailed with state and federal charges that could keep him behind bars for life if he is found guilty. 

The Department of Homeland Security says DePape is a Canadian national who came to the United States legally on a six month visitor’s visa in 2008, then stayed in the country illegally for the last 14 years.

Earlier this week he pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges, and is set for another hearing today.

Meanwhile the Speaker’s 82 year old husband underwent surgery to repair skull fractures and other injuries suffered in the attack, and was 

The Pelosi home has several security cameras, some of which were fed into the police station but no one was watching as DePape smashed a window to gain entry and attacked the elderly man.

-Tony Lee