Police in Uvalde, Texas, report an 18 year old gunman has taken the lives of 15 people in the most recent school shooting. At this point there is no word on whether the gunman was taken down by police or if he took his own life. Among the dead are 14 students and one teacher. Authorities are still on the scene investigating, but they report the gunman, an 18 year old named Salvador Ramos, is also deceased. Uvalde is a smaller town near San Antonio, Texas, and authorities say Ramos was from the area.

Ramos is said to have arrived armed with a pistol and a rifle. Police say he was a high school student and had several social media platforms, which authorities are sifting through searching for motives, and others who may have been involved in one way or another.

Police in Uvalde are calling for  Washington D.C. to do something to cut back on the violence besides offering condolences. President Biden has been briefed on the situation, but no comment has been issued by the White House as of news time.

-Tony Lee