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HATE MAIL: Here is a sample of the hate mail I get. I haven't edited these letters other than to obscure their email addresses and their foul language. I left in all the miss-spelled words and grammatical mistakes for your enjoyment. 


Name: Jon

Jaz....A couple of years ago, hearing Inga Barks' comment, on the air, that "The
Red Cross hates Jews", I was convinced that I had just heard the most
ignorant commentary that I would ever be privy to while listening to talk radio. 
You have outdone even Inga Barks! Your statement that this nuclear event in
Japan is "nothing" easily outdoes Inga on the ignorance scale.  
And, no, I'm NOT a left wing panic stricken lib. I'm a staunch conservative,
and an advocate of safe nuclear energy. But when discussing "safe nuclear
energy", the "Mark 1" reactor hardly fits the bill. And you would know that
if you would do five minutes research instead of running your mouth like a
braying jackass. My suggestion would be for you to just shut the f*** up, or
inform yourself.
Honestly, you really are makin' an ass of yourself on this issue. Do a bit
of research. Or do you fancy yourself as some sort of Bakersfield Glenn
Or maybe a little mini-me Limbaugh?
 Gads, what a jackass.


Name: Tom

HI Jaz this is not hate mail in the since I don't hate anyone and I am a fan of your show.What I do hate is the way all of the radio host in this town build up Kevin Mckarthy to be a conservative.He is nothing more than a political hack out to protect his pathetic ass. AS the new conservative class of Republicans try to do what's right he is working to undermine them at every turn.Both Rush and Mark levin refered to Mr Mckarthys antics just today.My question to you is why can't you see this and at least challenge this coward verbally instead of having a nut licking contest with Ralph and Scott Cox to see who can get them on their show first.I will be listening to your show to see if you wake up and do the right thing.Please reply and let me know what I am seeing so obviously and why you continue to kiss this cowards rear end.If it is not time to call this lying jack off out can you tell me when? Young gun give me a F@#$ing break.


Name: Stinkbug

Jazz, face it, you're a pig. You're also a homophobe and you were very hard on the mother of Seth Walsh. The woman lost HER son, you fool! Have some compassion and quit showing your prejudiced, ignorant Okie self for the Gay-basher you are! Grow up! Become a member of the Twenty-First Century and quit being a member of the KKK!


Name: Sam

First off! you Jack ASS Ape, you Thug, You ,lie lie lie cancerative bum.your lamestream radio been talking about this all day...she was on Your fav radio show Glen BEcKKK...( on the blaze)she wasn't hit...her cameraaaaa was nock out of her hand...he never hit her...(she even said that!!!)but you and hate radio r trying sooooo bad make it that way...another thing you cry about Obama, Obama this, Obama that, Obama puttin debt on r kids,Kids. Shut the HEll up!your a joke!u copy whatever Glenn,Rush Say. your a sad sad person! Go back to Texas, you



From: Chris

  I heard part of your program,you said something to the effect that Dr. Ron Paul won the CPAC poll because of all the pot smoking dope heads..........Man,you have got alot of nerve. Paul is the only one who has the guts to take on the fed, and he doesnt push paranoia fear terrorist bulls$%t every other day....You see,people KNOW 911 wasnt see, if you have an internet connection and an I.Q. above 30, then you know this painfully obvious fact....Just like anyone with a child's ability to research knows the underwear bomber was let on the plane by U.S. intelligence..................confirmed in a SENATE HEARING UNDER OFFICIAL TESTIMONY IN JAN OF 2010...............You are on the talking points of the mass moron media, in putting down RON PAUL....because the enemy controls the media, and the enemy is the central bankers in the CFR................You are no conservative,but just a sell out...too bad you have to lie to people every day about non existent terror bull s$%t. WAKE UP DUMBASS, PEOPLE ARE SLOW,BUT NOT STUPID...ITS BEEN A DECADE....SINCE 911.......TRY TELLING THE TRUTH FOR ONCE.




October 7, 2015

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