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The saga of Allen Tandy's assault investigation continues. Some people say this isn't a real news story. I disagree; this is one of the most powerful men in Bakersfield being accused of a crime involving violence, not defending himself, not defending his wife or children but over a hockey game. Really? A hockey game? Everyone involved in this should be ashamed of themselves.  


Ward 1 City Council member P. Willie Rivera has called on the city of Bakersfield to pass a meaningless resolution calling for amnesty for illegal aliens.  


Eric Cantor indicated Wednesday that he would be stepping down from the majority leader's position on July 31st. His replacement will be selected in private balloting among the 233 House Republicans on June 19. Will the house elect Kevin McCarthy to replace Canter?


Tim Donnelly warns California GOP. Eric Canter's loss should be a lesson to California Republicans.


A small business woman from the Fresno area has written a rather thought provoking article on her blog called "Am I Prejudiced?" This is well worth a read.


A career criminal in Fresno was cleared of burglary charges Wednesday after a jury mistakenly signed a not-guilty verdict form. And those snobs up there like to make fun of Bakersfield, calling us stupid.


Oh, the left is going absolutely crazy over this one. While speaking to Commonwealth Club of California yesterday Texas Governor Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism. I love it!  


You just knew this was coming… After nearly two decades in Congress Cantor’s “redneck” district finally realized he was a Jew.


The surreal nightmare unfolding in the Southwest as the undefended border is swept away by a tsunami of Central American children did not happen without help. It was orchestrated by the radical left Alinskyite activists running the federal government.


The Hildabeast's new book Hard Choices has been ripped to pieces by critics, even on the Left. Evidently the book consists of bland pabulum, with a heavy emphasis on not saying anything that could be held against her in a presidential campaign.


Speaking of Shillary. If a woman who grew up in Illinois and has been eating, sleeping, and breathing politics for at least half a century doesn’t know that Abraham Lincoln was never a Senator, you have to wonder what if anything would be her area of expertise.


Take a major city, give liberals total control of the government and through it the schools, and this is the result.


All this nonsense about a football teams name is a waste of time for American Indian tribes. If they want to help Native Americans they should be looking at larger issues like poverty, hunger and rampant drug abuse


By the way, despite the best efforts of Harry Reid and the lamestream media 90% of Americans have no problem with the name of the Washington Redskins.


A correlation has been established between vegetarian diets and mental disorders. But which causes the other? We may have a scientific answer. From the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.



October 6, 2015

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