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An ordinance outlawing aggressive panhandling and an agreement continuing the city’s successful homeless trash pickup program both could be approved at today’s meeting of the Bakersfield City Council.


After five days of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses, federal prosecutors rested their case against Julie Farmer.


This is proof the early release of sex offenders is a bad idea. These two scumbags were out on parole with ankle bracelets on and they still raped and murdered at least 4 women.


Police are warning residents to watch out for callers who claim to be from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. with false accusations that you owe past-due fines.


Shrimp Boy pleads not guilty.


Here’s some irony. A nonprofit news organization has posted two video clips of Leland Yee discussing campaign finance and open government.


This is why you need to join the NRA. Gun grabber Michael Bloomberg is investing $50 million to fight against your 2nd Amendment rights. He is bound and determined to take your guns. Join the fight stop Bloomberg and the others like him.


Lois Lerner reached out to the Holder Department of Justice on a plan to prosecute conservative tax-exempt groups.


A woman tries to smuggle a knife rolled up in an enchilada past TSA screeners at the Sonoma airport.


If there is one thing you don’t want to do in a government school science class, it is teach science rather than indoctrinate the kids with leftist propaganda. It could get you suspended like this guy.


The FBI is reportedly visiting gun shops looking for people talking about “big government.”


SCG News provides the coverage of the Bundy Ranch Cattle Battle that we would be getting from the “mainstream” media if it were not effectively a branch of the federal government.


And the Showdown at the Bundy Ranch is not over yet.


For now, that volatile Bundy Ranch confrontation has been defused. But it's not over by any means. And we may well experience others that do not pause in non-violence.


Great news for the many left crippled and maimed by the Muslim attack on the Boston Marathon a year ago yesterday, and for those left behind by the three infidels who were killed: Joe Biden says it was all worth it. The Joe Biden gaffe to end all Joe Biden gaffes occurs 1 minute into this Boston Marathon tribute speech.


Beef, pork and shrimp prices soar out of control.


The Obama IRS confirmed today that abortions are now tax deductible.


Here's 13 tax deductions you didn't know about.


Ted Cruz presents the top 10 excuses the IRS wont accept from you.



April 18, 2014

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