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The 25 Republican Senators Who Voted for Obamacare and 2 Who Voted Present

Here is the list of 25 Republican Senators who voted for the continuation of Obamacare, plus the 2 senators who just didn't vote at all.

When you have a free moment or two, give them a call and ask why the continued to support Obamacare.

AK Murkowski, Lisa 202-224-3004 

AR Boozman, John 202-224-4843

AZ Flake, Jeff 202-224-4521  DID NOT VOTE

AZ McCain, John 202-224-2235

GA Chambliss, Saxby 202-224-3521

GA Isakson, Johnny 202-224-3643

IL Kirk, Mark 202-224-2854

IN Coats, Dan 202-224-5623 


KY McConnell, Mitch 202-224-2541

ME Collins, Susan 202-224-2523

MO Blunt, Roy 202-224-5721

MS Cochran, Thad 202-224-5054

MS Wicker, Roger 202-224-6253 

NC Burr, Richard 202-224-3154

ND Hoeven, John 202-224-2551 


NE Johanns, Mike 202-224-4224 

NH Ayotte, Kelly 202-224-3324 

NJ Chiesa, Jeff 202-224-3224


OK Coburn, Tom 202-224-5754

SC Graham, Lindsey 202-224-5972

SD Thune, John 202-224-2321

TN Alexander, Lamar 202-224-4944 

TN Corker, Bob 202-224-3344

TX Cornyn, John 202-224-2934 


UT Hatch, Orrin 202-224-5251 DID NOT VOTE


WI Johnson, Ron 202-224-5323

WY Barrasso, John 202-224-6441







October 31, 2014

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